Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

REBATES - RESIDENTIAL (AG/Small Businesses Can Shop Here for Lighting Deals)

Residential Incentive Program

The residential rebate program encourages members to purchase high efficiency equipment that qualifies under the Whitewater Valley REMC 2018 Incentive Program.  Members can earn rebates when they install heat pump water heaters, and certain high efficiency HVAC equipment in their home.  Please contact us with questions regarding qualifying equipment, SEER ratings and rebate amounts.  

To qualify for the rebate, you must be a member of Whitewater Valley REMC with an active account in our service territory and verify that the equipment being replaced or installed meets the criteria of this program and is installed on an active account in our service territory.  The structure in which the customer resides must be a permanent structure.

No rebate will be paid without the following information
- copy of paid invoice
- copy of AHRI Certificate for HVAC equipment

For additional information visit

Cooperative members eligible for the rebates should contact:

Whitewater Valley REMC 
Attn:  Member Services/Rebate Request
P.O. Box 349
Liberty, IN 47353


Rebates are available for equipment installed between January 1, 2018 
and December 31, 2018.  All transactions that are part of this program
element are subject to follow-up audits by the Whitewater Valley REMC
staff. Requests should be submitted within 60 days of purchase and/or
installation of equipment to be eligible. Proof of purchase, installation,
SEER and/or EER required, no exceptions.

Incentives are available for residential single family homes. This includes condominiums. Heating/cooling incentives are limited to two per home

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Appliance Recycling Program

Standard Size Units:  $50 Each appliance recycled (limit 2 per member)

Refrigerators and freezers qualify.  Must be in working condition.

Contact our office to schedule your pickup today.  Call 800-529-5557 or email  Please include your name, address and
phone number in the email. 

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Minimum 40 gallon

All-in-one units

New construction or replacing gas or electric:  $500 rebate

Heating and Cooling Equipment Incentives

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps, Mini Split Ductless or Dual Fuel

Stick-built  or modular housing:
   Minimum 16 SEER

Manufactured housing:
  Minimum 14 SEER

Mini-split Ductless Heat Pumps must be primary heating/cooling for home:
  Minimum 16 SEER

New Construction or Replacing Gas or Heat Pump
Single Speed Compressor:  No Rebate
Dual/Variable Speed Compressor:  $750 rebate

Replacing Electric Resistance Heat (Cable ceiling heat, electric baseboard heat).  Replacing forced air furnace paid at the $750 level.
Single Speed Compressor:  $800 rebate

Replacing Electric Resistance Heat (Cable ceiling heat, electric baseboard heat).  Replacing forced air furnace paid at the $750 level.
Dual/Variable Speed Compressor:  $1,500

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal incentive: $1,500 rebate
Incentive requires a desuperheater  or "hot water assist" for new installation geothermal systems with electric resistance water heater.

Units that do not qualify include:
  Window heat pumps, “Thru-the-wall” heat pumps (hotel-type machines), MSHPs for only sunrooms, room additions or other small areas.